Mai in `Slimy Feet`
Catalog Number tws-207-0003

Mai is as cute as Japanese girls get, and her soft little feet are truly luscious. In this scene she slowly peels off her socks and does some barefoot posing for us, then she proceeds to get messy...

We used several different gooey substances, including: honey, clear syrup, red jello, translucent green slime and opaque green slime. And the way we introduced Mai`s feet to each substance was quite nice: she stepped into a clear tray full of the goo, so you see her toes wiggling around in it (through the plastic.)

We also did lots of sexy pouring & drizzling of the goo over her feet - both on the tops and the soles. Mai also used her feet to crush some oranges - individually and then a whole basin full of them. She squished and squished until we had a big tub of orange juice!

If you like mega-cute Japanese girls getting their feet covered in goo, this vid is a good way to go!

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